Grow, Nurture and Develop your volunteers.

Quickly add and publicise opportunities

Get real time reports and statistics

Organise large events with 100's of volunteers

A web solution to grow, nurture and develop your volunteer workforce

Volunteer [vol-uh n-teer]

A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task without expectation of reward or payment


VolunteerKinetic has a range of features that will enable you to quickly grow your volunteer programme


VolunteerKinetic encourages positive feedback and engages volunteers through rewards and social media


Use targeted training and our HourTrade™ scheme to develop your volunteers into professionals

Great Search

Enable your volunteers to quickly find opportunities and events with extensive filtering on activity, duties and location.

Easy searching is central in ensuring your volunteers can find suitable opportunities. All our search boxes include auto suggest and the matching opportunities can be ordered by distance

Extensive Communication Options


Staying in touch with your volunteers and keeping them informed of changes is vital.

VolunteerKinetic has a host of automated communication settings and social media interactions.

Additionally you can message any individual, group or set of volunteers using SMS or email with an advanced email engine.

Reward and Recognition

Volunteers do a great job, and most just for the experience, but its always nice to be recognised and rewarded.

VolunteerKinetic records all volunteer's logged hours and opportunities and lets them know how they are doing using badge awards.

Positive feedback encourages volunteers to volunteer again and weekly notifications of new opportunities gives them the access they need to keep volunteering.

Using HourTrade™ volunteers can exchange logged hours for rewards and training vouchers


  • Unlimited opportunities and events
  • Single regional organisation license
  • LinkWide™ to promote opportunities nationally
  • Our most cost effective solution


  • Unlimited opportunities and events
  • Multi-regional license
  • LinkWide™ to promote opportunities nationally or within your group
  • Individual group identities


  • Unlimited opportunities and events
  • National license
  • LinkWide™ to promote opportunities across the VK group
  • Extended support and event facilities

Freemium - In Beta

From £0.00

Are you a small organisation with limited funding ?

Our free and low cost subscription versions are available through, our national volunteer service.

The free version gives you all the power of VolunteerKinetic but limited to two active opportunities at anytime.

Low cost subscription are available that give you greater flexibility by increasing the number of active opportunities you can promote.

Please get in touch with your questions and thoughts.


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